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How You Can Qualify for Great Coverage

There are requirements to be met in order to qualify for a life insurance policy just as surely as there are requirements for any other type of plan such as auto, home or health insurance. These qualifications are put in place primarily to avoid fraud which would wind up costing not only the insurer but all of the company's clients as well. There are some steps you can take to prepare yourself to qualify for a plan and the appropriate level of coverage that you want to receive for your beneficiaries.

The Application

Based on the type of protection you choose and the company you go with, you may have to fill out an application for coverage of varying detail that may ask you many questions that are seemingly unrelated to life insurance. Rest assured, however, that each question is important in providing your quotes for you and beginning the vetting process that the underwriters must go through in order to approve your policy. Being thorough and completely honest on your application is absolutely critical in order to avoid possibly having your rates increased in the future or worse, having your death claim benefit denied after the fact, leaving your surviving beneficiaries in the position they would have been in had you never signed up for coverage in the first place and wasting all those years of paying premiums.

The Medical Evaluation

Most insurers will want to conduct a medical examination - at their own cost, and often by their own physicians - to verify your health condition before a policy can begin as well. This exam is simple and straightforward, often consisting of a simple blood draw, and otherwise a cursory physical examination to make sure your condition is as stated on the test. Note that even if you do pass the medical examination offered by your provider and you are approved for service, it does not mean that you are free and clear from any discrepancies that may show up later, such as if you lied on your application about being recently diagnosed with diabetes or cancer or something similar. The review and investigation that is done after a death claim is filed will usually uncover such deceptions with horrible results for your beneficiaries.

The medical evaluation that you receive after your pricing estimates will generally be scheduled and completed quickly, allowing for as little interruption of your normal life as possible.